Latex for wordpress

Although wordpress supports latex, I find it difficult to write latex code on blog in wordpress-latex format. I try  to collect some useful tools for wordpress latex here.

Firstly, I recommand Luca Trevisan’s poster on this topic. By and large, LaTeX2WP is really something I am searching for, which is a program that converts a LaTeX file into something that is ready to be cut and pasted into WordPress..

——To be completed——

It’s not uncommon for technical books to include an admonition from the author that readers must do the exercises and problems. I always feel a little peculiar when I read such warnings. Will something bad happen to me if I don’t do the exercises and problems? Of course not. I’ll gain some time, but at the expense of depth of understanding. Sometimes that’s worth it. Sometimes it’s not.

— Michael Nielsen, Neural Networks and Deep Learning


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